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By | September 13, 2015
Telanagana Aarogyasri Scheme is a unique Community Health Insurance Scheme being implemented in State. The Government of Telangana Innovative Idea for Provide Quality Health Medicine and Treatment To Patients. The scheme provides financial protection to families living below poverty line upto Rs. 2 lakhs Really Its Much Helpfull To All Customers. Poverty Line below patients are use this facility . as per reports for this year above 7 Lakhs are used aarogyasri scheme for major operations. Around 1000 treatments are covered under the scheme. In Private Hospital They Asked Lakhs of Rupees. and here We need to Pay Little amounts. The objective of the scheme is to improve access of BPL families Provides to quality medical care for treatment of identified diseases In Near Hospitals involving hospitalization, surgeries and therapies through an identified network of health care providers.

Telangana Aarogya Sri Services Full  Information Hospital Apply Check Status

The diseases specifically excluded from the list are high end diseases such as hip and knee replacement, bone morrow, cardiac and liver transplantations, gamma-knife procedures in neuro surgery, assisted devices for cardiac failures etc; and diseases covered by national programmes viz., TB, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, Infectious diseases, Malaria, Filaria, Gastroenteritis, Jaundice etc..


Covered Diseases :

Heart Probelms  – Heart Attack
Lung Problem – Changing Operations
Liver Damage Cases
Kidney Failure Patients Over Change Fresh Kidney
Pediatric Congenital Malformations
Major/Small Burns in Fire Accidents,
Post -Burn Contracture Surgeries for Functional Improvement For Respective Type Of Probelm
Prostheses (Artificial limbs),
Cancer treatment (Surgery, Chemo Therapy, Radio Therapy )
Cochlear Implant Surgery with Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Children below 2 years

telangana aarogya sri

Telangana Aarogya Sri Services provides Much Support to All Candidates Over all. And Rates Of Treatment also reasonable. Many Government hospital and private hospitals are supports for this aarogyasri cause.Candidates Need To Submit Government Issued Proofs. and Mee Seva income Certificate To Aarogya Sri Verification officers. Patients Family, House Holder Parents/Guardian age Much be below 2 Lakh. Submit Attached BPL Photograph. Clean Photographed Scanned Copy Accepted. Download Ration Card/ Check Ration Status Online its Available On Civil Supplies Department Database. Any Makig Payment in Hospital Just Checkout online Services Primary Health Centers. Advanced Evaluation To the Doorstep Of Patient. now Easy To Book Doctors Appointment From Online. Aarograsri and Aarogyamitra Schemes are doing good job

TS Aarogya Sri Information News In Web :

Aarogyasri is the flagship scheme of all health initiatives of the State Government with a mission to provide quality healthcare to the poor. The aim of the Government is to achieve “Health for All” In order to facilitate the effective implementation of the scheme, the State Government has set up the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust.

– Shri K. Chandra Sekhar Rao

The Newly formed state of Telangana is just 1 year old now. There is a lot to be done in the field of medicine and health care.However, Govt. welfare schemes like aarogyasri have been very beneficial for the needy section of the telangana. Only in the year of 2014-15 about 854 crores as been claimed only in the state, out of which cardiac treatments claim the major share which is 25% and Hyderabad & Warangal have highest number of claims

telangana aarogya sri

– Quora / Swechcha Agarwal

Aarogyasree scheme was launched in united andhra pradesh by the then congress cheif minister Y.S.Raja shekara reddy.And that scheme was a perfect piece of beauty.It covered almost all the major ailments and emergencies at that time and was very very beneficial to the people of the state.But after the demise of Rajashekara reddy, the health scheme got diluted a bit. Its still functioning today but somehow it got affected.Earlier many diseases were covered under aarogyashree scheme and all emergencies were included in it. Today some diseases have been exempted from the scheme and few private hospitals have been excluded from it. But the scheme is still alive and it is benefitting people like earlier it used to.In Telangana this health scheme is functioning and its a big support to the people who cannot afford hefty hospital bills.
Overall its a superb scheme and must be continued and govt should find ways to expand the scheme such that more and more people should get its benefi

– Quora – MD Sarfaraz

Who Are Eligible For Aarogya Sri ?
What is Conditions Of Aarogya Sri Scheme ?
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